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Here are answers to the questions we are asked most often.

Questions about teacher / student codes

I’m new to the website. How do I use it?

View our website guide for an overview of the site.

My teacher code does not work

You can find information on how to access your digital magazine subscription here. If you see an error message saying ‘incorrect magazine code’, please ensure you are logging in here.

Check you are using this year’s code. Codes from previous series are no longer valid.

How do students register?

There is information on how to roster students here.

Can I use codes for multiple languages?

Yes! First, go to the Scholastic Digital Manager. Then Click the plus (+) icon to add a new program.

Questions about your account

I can’t log in to my account

You can access the magazines in various ways. This page has more information on how to log in.

I’ve forgotten my password

When you are prompted to enter your password you can click the ‘Forgotten password’ link to receive a link to reset your password. You can also contact the US Magazines team here who will be happy to assist you with any log in issues.

Questions about subscriptions

I can’t find my teacher code

This code is printed on the front page of your Teacher’s Guide included with your magazine issues—we’ll also email it to you at the beginning of the school year!

If you haven’t gotten your magazine’s code, ask the person responsible for ordering magazines at your school. You can also contact Customer Service at 1-800-631-1586 to request your code. You will have a different Access Code for every magazine you subscribe to.

I have a new code but I started an account last year

At the start of the new school year, you will be prompted to enter a new access code when you log into the Scholastic Digital Manager.

Can my students access the student site without a magazines subscription?

No. For students, the website and the magazines are one package. You cannot subscribe to one without the other.

Can I access the teacher part of the website without a magazines subscription?

No, the website is only accessible to magazine subscribers.

Is it possible to subscribe online without a credit / debit card?

At the moment, we only accept payment by credit or debit card.

Questions about online resources

What content is available for students?

See our Student Website Guide for a full overview of the features and content available on the website for students

Where do I find the Teachers’ Guides?

Click on ‘Magazines’ and choose the issue you wish to view. A pdf version of the Teachers’ Guides are available to view and download in the Printable Resources menu on the right.

How do I search through past resources?

In the Resource Bank, you can search by keyword or filter our resources using the options on the right.

Questions about the Language Lab

How does the Language Lab work?

For a detailed overview of how the Language Lab, our online learning management system works, please view our Welcome Guide to the Language Lab.

Technical questions about the website

What computer equipment do I need to use Magazines Plus?

You need any device with an internet connection and modern internet browser installed (e.g. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari), ideally updated to the latest version. The website will work on mobile devices; however, it is not optimised for these. This site will work using a slower connection; however, a broadband connection will make it easier to download audio and watch videos.

How do I play videos in MP4 format?

When you download videos from this website they are in MP4 format.
To play MP4 videos you can use QuickTime Player or iTunes. Both of these programs are available to download for free.

How do I change the quality of the videos?

Click on the video you wish to view. Click on the settings cog in the video control bar and select the quality you wish to view. Many of our videos are available in HD which helps when playing them in fullscreen or on a Whiteboard.

How do I download audio tracks?

To download audio, click on ‘download’ next to the audio track. Then click on the three dots to the right of the audio track and click ‘download’.

Questions about our magazines and books

Are there resources for French / Spanish teachers on this website?

Yes! You can view our range of MFL magazines and learn more about the resources we offer here

What are the prices of your magazines?

Prices vary depending on your currency and how many magazines you order. US customers can find out more information here and Canadian customers can find out more here.

I am waiting for the next magazines but they have not arrived.

For any shipping queries, please find more information and contact details here.

I need a receipt for my magazine order.

For payment queries, please use our contact form here.

Where do I find the free resources for the ELT readers?

Go to this page, choose the level of the reader, then choose the reader you are interested in. You can download the resources from the reader’s page.

I have a question or comment about the content of the magazines/online resources.

For any queries or feedback about the content of the magazines or online resources, you can email aide@maryglasgowplus.com or ayuda@maryglasgowplus.com

I have a question that hasn’t been answered here.

You can find more Frequently Asked Questions here. If you still need help, you can use this link to email or call us with your query and we will be happy to help. Canadian customers can contact customer services here.